Seeking A Path To Leadership

I’m looking for an opportunity that will satisfy my need for meaning and servitude.

My heart yearns for work that transcends simple tasks and technical solutions. I seek a calling, a space where my multifaceted skills — creativity, technology, and relationship building — can ignite meaningful impact. My past journey as a graphic artist and web developer equipped me to not just build things, but to breathe life into them, shaping ideas into solutions that touch lives and leave a lasting legacy. This hunger for purpose extends beyond my craft. My proven expertise in mentoring, consulting, and fostering connections translates to a deep desire to empower others and forge transformative relationships.

I can’t tell you what position I’m seeking because I want to keep myself open to new opportunities.

I’m not just seeking a job; I’m pursuing a path to leadership. I believe my diverse skill set, passion for making a difference, and servant heart would be a benefit to the organization that is willing to give me a chance.

If you’re curious about my experience, here are some links to my work:

Feel free to drop me a line.

I appreciate your time.

Thank you.